Rejects your faith and substitutes his own


Age: 19
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair


Alistair never knew his parents. Since he was an infant, he was raised by a religious order worshiping Helm, and since he was very young he intended to join the order. He trained with the clerics, and took a special interest in the protective Everwatch Knights. The thrilling tales he heard of their missions led him to believe these protectors were above reproach.

The order taught him much, including the importance of hard work and high expectations. He trained hard, and had a natural aptitude for magic. His connection with Helm made him powerful; but his soul felt slightly disconnected.

Then, shortly before he was ready to join the order, a terrified mother came to the monastery to ask for their aid. A powerful crime syndicate to whom the family was indebted had threaten to enslave the woman’s young daughter if the family was not able to repay their debt. He went to the clerics and pleaded with them to help the family, but since the mother was unable to pay, they refused. The daughter was kidnapped, abused, and eventually killed. It shook Alistair’s faith in the order, and ultimately, in Helm.

Instead, Alistair placed his faith in a new benefactor, a fun-loving and mischievous fellow by the name of Hyrsam. Hyrsam was sympathetic, and offered to grant Alistair the power to prevent such callous injustice in the future if he would abandon his connection with Helm. Hyrsam would require reciprocity in the future, but in the meantime, Alistair felt he could be a powerful force for good, especially if he was not limited by the order’s strict limitations (and extensive price list). He bristled at the material greed of the world around him, and simply wanted to do what was right. He accepted Hyrsam’s offer, so Hyrsam placed Alistair’s prayer book between his hands. It started to glow! When he handed it back to Alistair, the prayers and rituals were gone, replaced with strange arcane symbols, which Alistair found he understood. It was time for him to find out what this strange knowledge could help him do…


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