Ezmerelda d'Avenir

Vampire Huntress/Loaded for Were


Ezmerelda is the protege of a vampire hunter called Van Richten. She is a Vistana, but apparently from outside of the realm. She has one prosthetic leg and an impressive array of magic and silver weapons. She came to Barovia looking for Van Richten, after she caught wind that he was going to make a play against Strahd. She has been unable to locate him. She took a shot at Castle Ravenloft recently, and found that for all of her spells and armaments, she was not prepared to face the vampire in his own lair. She hunkered down at the Abbey of Saint Markovia to await her next opportunity, but was convinced to join the Outlanders’ efforts rather than go it alone.



Ezmerelda d'Avenir

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