Sydney Watson

Intrepid ratcatcher with intrepid terrier


Age: 17
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 100 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale, Freckled, Smudged.


Sydney was born to working class parents in Everlund, a large city in the north of Faerun. Her mother worked in fabric manufacturing and her father was a rat catcher. When she was very young her father left her mother, plunging the family into even more desperate circumstances.

Not wanting to burden young Sydney with the knowledge they’d been abandoned, her mother told her that her father had died after being attacked by a rat. When pressed for details her mother described a giant albino dire rat with half an ear missing, that had gnawed her father and infected him with a terrible illness. Sydney blamed the rat for the loss of her father and the impoverished state of her family. She vowed to set things right. She went into the rat catching trade as soon as she was big enough to lift a manhole cover, seeking her vengeance.

Sydney heard tales from the other rat catchers of Everlund, about a rat called Mr. Templeton who seemed to fit the description of her father’s attacker. Some said Templeton had half an ear missing, others said he had no whiskers, a few described him as missing a tail. Several of the older rat catchers claimed to have had run-ins with Mr. Templeton or at least to have known men who had. Sydney was convinced this Mr. Templeton was the rat responsible for her father’s death.

Sydney spends most of her time in the alleys, kitchens, and sewers of Everlund hunting for Mr. Templeton and taking down other vermin that cross her path. Her partner Grim, a highforestshire terrier, is always at her side (or snug in her backpack). When she’s not working she likes to unwind with Grim, smoke her pipe, have a pint, or play kick ball with the other urchins. While she loves a party, her many run-ins with the pests and monsters of Everlund have taken a toll, and she is sometimes a bit skittish.

Sydney Watson

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