Doru was the son of Donavich, acolyte of the Morninglord. Over a year before the arrival of the Outlanders, Doru joined an uprising of young Barovians (though led by an outlander wizard who stirred them to action). The group took up arms and stormed Castle Ravenloft in an attempt to defeat Strahd. The uprising was crushed and its members destroyed, though some, including Doru, were raised from the dead as vampire spawn.

When Doru returned to confront Donavich, the latter managed to imprison his son in the church undercroft. Doru remained locked out of sight for over a year, although his cries could be heard by villagers and church attendance dwindled to almost zero. Though Donavich sought aid from the Morninglord to cure Doru, the young man was released by a sleepwalking Ireena Kolyana while the Outlanders defended the church against attack. Doru clawed his way through the Outlanders and skittered along the walls on fingers and toes to attack him father. The vampire spawn’s last act was to drain and kill the acolyte before himself falling at the hands of the Outlanders.

Doru and his father were both buried in a repurposed pit trap on the church grounds.



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