Father Lucian Petrovich

Father Lucian is the priest and custodian of Saint Andral’s Church in Vallaki. He is in his late thirties, and is well-liked by his parishioners. He seems to have good intentions, and opposes Strahd insofar as the protection of the people is concerned. However, he is diffident and fears the danger that Vallaki has been put in by the Outlanders’ discovery of the vampire spawn brood.

Upon meeting the Outlanders, Father Lucian sent them to investigate the theft of the Bones of Saint Andral. The Bones having been returned, the priest was able to reconsecrate the church as protection against the undead, fiends and other unnatural monsters. He paid the Outlanders for their services with a few vials of Holy Water and an offer to make more, should they provide the required silver to perform the blessing.

He has offered sanctuary to Ireena Kolyana who remains with him at the church.

Under pressure from Izek Strasni, however, Father Lucian was forced to turn over the Outlanders for arrest and interrogation.

Father Lucian Petrovich

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