Most of the familiar physical laws of the Forgotten Realms apply the same way in Barovia; some odd phenomena have been observed by the Outlanders, however.

—The Mists of Barovia keep people from leaving the region and seem to be supernaturally motile.

-The sun is never fully visible in the sky, creating variably grey, purple, orange, or green skies and, notably, vampire spawn do not seem to be bothered by sunlight.

-Spells cast in Barovia occasionally show cosmetic differences from what the caster expects. Alistair’s Eldritch Blast, for example, has taken on a purple\black appearance, like bolt of lightning in negative. So far, no functional differences in spells have been discovered.

-Minor supernatural and psychological effects have been observed: e.g., a corpse appeared on what had been an empty gallows moments before, and Sydney Watson, and only she, saw her own cadaver thereupon, while the others saw only the face of a Barovian commoner.


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