Rules and FAQ

Lingering Injuries Sustaining a Critical Hit or failing a Death Saving Throw may cause a PC to suffer either a level of Exhaustion (PHB 107) or a Lingering Injury (DMG 272). If either of these events occur, the player should roll a d6. on a 1, the PC suffers a Lingering Injury. On a 2 s/he suffers a level of Exhaustion. On a 3, 4, 5, or 6, there is no further effect.

NPCs at 0HP NPCs don’t make Death Saving Throws. Instead they exist as Schrödinger’s Henchmen, in quantum superposition, until a PC attempts to stabilize the NPC with a Wisdom (Medicine) check. The DC is 10+ 3/round that the creature has been at 0HP. They can be stabilized automatically with Spare the Dying or similar magic within one round of the NPC’s falling to 0HP. Other curing magic works automatically within one round, but requires an accompanying Wis (Medicine) check, as above, beyond one round.

Short Rest: A Short Rest requires 10 minutes of gametime (not 1 hour) and PCs are limited to 3 Short Rests per day. Attunement of Magic Items requires a short rest plus one hour of uninterrupted contact with the Item before the Item’s properties will take effect.
Long Rest: A Long Rest requires 8 hours of gametime as normal.

Character Resources: When Leveling Up, choosing spells to prepare, etc, a Character may choose resources and features from any published D&D5e source, subject to approval from the DM on a case-by-case basis (e.g. approval of one feature found in “Unearthed Arcana: Light,Dark, Underdark!” in no way implies future approval of all features from Unaearthed Arcana or indeed even that particular article.) When in doubt, please ask!

Inspiration Chips At the beginning of each session, players draw a poker chip from a hat which represents the Inspiration bonus. Players may spend this Inspiration chip at any time, and can earn another as detailed in the PHB (125). The Chips:
-White Chips represent Inspiration as usual (advantage on Attack, Ability Check, or Saving Throw)
-Blue Chips represent a +3 which may be added to any roll (any die size) and may be added after the roll has been made.
-Red Chips represent a natural 20 and everything that comes with it (Critical hit, etc.) It can be used to replace a roll which has already been made.

Rules and FAQ

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