Rumours and Lore

Madame Eva’s cards told you to seek:
The Wizard: first card told of history, knowledge of your enemy. The item you seek can be found atop the Tower of a Wizard on a Lake.
The Enchanter: second told of a powerful holy artifact that can be found near a kneeling Woman- a great Beauty plucked before her time, and that the Master of the Marsh knows the way.
The Avenger: the third told of a sword of pure sunlight, which could be found in the House of the Dragon- in Hands once Clean and now Corrupted.
The Mists: the fourth card told of an ally against Darkness: A Vistana, wandering alone in search of her Mentor. Seek her at the Abbey of St. Markovia.
The Executioner: the fifth tells where the adversary can be confronted: she described a dark Figure on a Balcony looking down on the Land with a twisted Smile.

-The Vistani can travel beyond the Mists

-Strahd controls the Mists, but they are also his prison.

-Madame Eva says the only way out of Barovia is by “stepping over corpse of the vanquished devil.”

-Strahd is ruler of Barovia. Wolves, bats, other animals and the dead are his servants.

-Ravens, though, are said to carry lost souls within them. It’s bad luck to harm a raven.

-The Morninglord is the god Barovians worship. It appears to be relatively hollow worship for folk of the Village, although Ireena, at least, seems to think the traditions are important.

-Mother Night is the Morninglord’s counterpart. Barovians believe she was sent as a curse for their sins. Ismark likes to say “Mother Night” as an expletive.

-Madame Eva was alerted to the Outlanders’ presence when the shifting Mists drew them close to the Village. She intercepted them at Durst House and waited outside to see if they’d emerge.

-She assumes Strahd brought them here, but she doesn’t know that for a fact or why he would do so.

-Outlanders come here, often in groups, usually a year or a few years apart. The locals usually experience lots of calamity until the Outlanders are gone, so mostly they are not rooting for you.

-Ismark believes everyone can tell you’re outlanders at a glimpse, but he can’t explain why.

-Everyone you’ve met so far is Human, except for Rictavio the Half-Elf, and a group of Dusk Elves who share an encampment with the Vallaki Vistani.

-A drunk Vistana thought Liveth might be someone called Rictavio.

-The Vistani told a story of a Wizard who tried to fight the vampire Strahd. They said the battle was epic, but eventually the Wizard went over the Tser Falls and his body was never found.

-At midnight, hundreds of glowing specters of non-Barovian looking people rise from the cemetery in the Village of Barovia and march silently toward Castle Ravenloft.

-An undead warrior with a grey dragon on his livery told them when they’re ready to hunt real prey, get to Argynvostholt and look for Vladimir.

-According to Ismark and Ireena, the dilapidated windmill on the Old Svalich Road to Vallaki has been abandoned as long as they’ve known. At least one raven nearby thought that it was a bad idea to investigate.

Rumours and Lore

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